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Savage New Bloods out today!

Friday 20/01, 10:28

The GHEIST has launched an attack surprise on the Red One motel to get revenge on Cortez who revealed their shared plans to the Sentinel. However, they’ve been stopped by a humanoid creature of incredible strength who they’ve never seen before, but that appears strangely familiar...
Clint City Welcomes: Hoffman, the GHEIST torturerGinger, the Pussycats’ barmaidDonald, the Rescue animal trainerEl Gringo, reborn!

Get these characters in the shop's packs5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Flash missions by clicking on the Missions tab.

The profile box in the Rescue colors is now available! How do you get hold of it? Easy! All you need is 60% of the clan in question! Happy gaming!

New Missions!

Friday 20/01, 09:36

Hello Urban Rivals players,
We announce that we released now a lot of new missions for you!
These permanent missions are connected to old missions of a similar style, so you can build on scores you've already achieved! Here’s the list:Robbery of the Millennia
Legendary doctor
The legend still lives on

We're also going to release some special missions to thank all those of you who’ve shown us so much loyalty and affection over the years, as well as future devotees. Please see the list below:Building a businessBuilding an edificeBuilding a neighborhoodBuilding a skyscraperBuilding a cityBuilding a provinceBuilding a nationBuilding an empireMayor of Clint City
Your favorite prizes await you: hundreds of Tokenz and credits. Why not go take a look!
Who will be the player with the highest number of mission points?
Good luck and have fun playing UR!

Pack Collateral Damage

Tuesday 17/01, 14:05

People of Clint city take heed! 3 individuals considered dangerous are out tonight… The icy Ymirah, the furious Xantiax Robb and the invincible Quetzal… The authorities are hoping this "touristic" outing is going smoothly and is causing no collateral damage…
Enjoy the Collateral Damage pack, available now and for 24 hours only, before these 3 characters become much rarer…
Happy gaming everyone!